An installation shot of Daniel Pettitt's paintings at the PALFREY gallery in London

Granite and Rainbow

19th September - 18th October 2019 | PALFREY, London

19th September - 18th October 2019


PALFREY presents Granite and Rainbow, the first London solo show by Daniel Pettitt. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2017, Pettitt has elaborated his painting within a register of allusive and speculative abstraction. Ingesting an eclectic mix of visual and cultural materials, such as lyrical abstraction, everyday signage, modernist poetry and postconceptual art, Pettitt’s work tracks fluctuations of index, fragment, metaphor, memory, semblance and mood as they congeal and dissolve into provisional fields and partial images. Granite and Rainbow charts an intense period of making, moving voraciously across painting and drawing, offering an array of divergent and sometimes furtive works.

Installation shot, Granite and Rainbow, 2019 – Daniel Pettitt

Works exhibited

Crop Rotation XXXV, 2019 – Daniel Pettitt
Crop Rotation XXXVI, 2019 – Daniel Pettitt
Granite and Rainbow, 2019 – Daniel Pettitt

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