small – installation view – Angela de la Cruz Studio


12th Feburary 2021 | Angela de la Cruz Studio

14th September - 15th October 2019

Galerie Sabine Knust

curated by Angela de la Cruz 

Artists: David Auborn | Demetrius Georghiou | Christopher Mayer | Tommy Ramsay | Victor Seaward | Stuart Taylor 

Angela de la Cruz Studio presents 'small', a group exhibition of artists who assist her at the studio. It’s quite unusual for the studio that they are all of one gender but there you go. 'small' is a very exciting show, all of the artists seem to be concentrating quite studiously on their immediate surroundings. They show a group of works that are very private and thoughtful. 


Works exhibited

Crop Rotation XLVIII, 2020, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm. Copyright Daniel Pettitt.

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